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Entdecken Sie unsere Fauna und Flora, eine einzigartige Artenvielfalt im Indischen Ozean, einen üppigen und einladenden Tropenwald.

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Valid from 01st April 2021 to 31st October 2022, subject to change

Euros Rates

*Include: fishing equipment, towels, soft drinks, (and picnic basket for Palangre and Offshore fishing).
Duration: approximately 1h-3h
Additional person: € 50 (Up to 8)
Depending of the sea conditions

*Include: private guide, towels, water, and picnic basket.
Max 4 persons
Depending on weather conditions

*Include: towels, water.
**Adjustable according guest’s interests and different sites’ opening hours.
Depending of the sea conditions
Kayak, surfboard, snorkeling equipment: complimentary

*Max 4 persons. Price on request for more people.

IMPORTANT NOTE: all activities are subject to weather conditions. If activities cannot be done, not charged (refund).